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We Only Use Legally Sourced Timber

Cotswold Teak are commited to only using legally harvested timber.

We are confident that all timber used in the manufacter of our garden furniture is legally harvested from certified forests. We only import teak from manufacturers that have a SVLK certificate. This means all our furniture, including our range of garden benches, outdoor dining tables and chairs and accessory items are government approved, legally sourced and harvested from sustainable plantations.

Launched in 2009 by The Ministry of Forestry the certification process is controlled and managed by the Indonesian government to ensure that those companies trading in teak and who wish to export to the EU only do so if they abide by stringent rules.

On reaching set defined standards the manufacturers are awarded the SVLK certificate. Most manufacturers in Indonesia do not comply and are therefore limited to their home market and are under increasing pressure to change their business practices or cease trading.

The standard that those companies with a certificate have to reach is high. The primary purpose is to ensure that the manufacturers use timber from a government controlled plantation. That is to say the wood that is used to make our teak garden furniture is taken from a sustainable and managed source, which makes the timber legal and approved for use.

The terms of the certification are far reaching and do not just apply to the teak. They also apply to employment law and go towards improving working conditions, equal opportunities, hours worked and the exploitation of child labour.

Most professional manufacturers and workers have whole heartedly embraced these requirements as the SVLK certificate has not only helped safe guard their livelihoods, it is also outlawing rogue manufacturers and distributors as well as improving general health and safety standards.

Look out for the SVLK certificate and we recommend everyone should support this certification process, to  help Indonesia & The Ministry of Forestry.

Only buy teak garden furniture from those importers that deal with SVLK accredited suppliers.